Day 15 – Getting out of Kansas

Sorry for the lack of posts, internet has been hard to come by up in the mountains. Heres the news from a few days ago, more posts soon! Some amazing photos to share too…

After finally getting out of Kansas- its not that it isn’t a great state and all, it’s just a little boring when you’re driving through trying to make up time. Mile after mile the road is just straight as an arrow. Train tracks run parallel as you pass by cow fields and farms. Every 30 or so miles you hit a tiny town with a huge grain silo that collects the local farmers crops. The terrain gets boring but the bigger issue is just being on a two lane highway with semi-trucks blowing by in the opposite direction at 70mph. The wind gust just blows the bus like a sailboat. It’s a little scary because with the motor in back there is nothing but a thin piece of metal between you and the oncoming semi!! …Let’s just say it’s interesting to drive that’s for sure!

We finally stopped for the night in Garden City near the Colorado boarder which unfortunately smelled like cow poo. There is a huge cattle ranch on the edge of town which when the wind blew east just made the whole place stink. Of course the wind it seemed blew east most of the time that we were there. On the way out of town we pulled over to quadruple-check the lug nuts. As Mark was taking a look a dude in a big truck pulls up next to us. “I noticed your car, you here for the Clutter House?” I heard Butter House of course but no, we were not there for the Clutter House. Turns out back in the 50’s some escaped cons murdered a family thinking they were wealthy. Apparently Truman Capote wrote about it and now it’s a mini tourist attraction. I asked if it had something to do with a VW bus, “Nope.” Huh.. anyway, turns out the dude runs the Clutter House Haunted Maze or something like that so he took us to the house which of course was on a dirt road. Pretty funny the random people that approach us just because of the bus!

Yeoowwzza, semi-trucks are not so much fun.

One of many many many silos along the way

Once again ate wayyy too much.


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  1. avatar J. Fowler says:

    By the way it was catfish not trout.

  2. avatar J. Fowler says:

    That was me

  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    I hope you boys r having a good trip

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