Day 16 & 17 (I think) – Colorado Spring

We finally left Kansas and made it to Colorado Springs where in the morning we would meet up with Mike from Bulli Klinik. Mike saw I was traveling through town from some photos I posted on the VW enthusiast website and told me to stop by his shop. I’d never met Mike before but after hearing he had VW restoration shop and some advice for getting through The Rockies we thought we should stop for sure. Holy crap, what a stop!

So we show up to his shop and see a sweet 59 panel bus as well as a couple other old split-window buses in the parking lot. We walk in the door, shake hands and immediately he hands me a 6 pack of Mass Transit Ale which is a Colorado Springs microbrew that uses a VW bus for their logo. Next he hands us a couple t-shirts and we start chatting about this and that. After a while he wants to know if we can grab a beer and some lunch. Surrrreee! So we have some lunch and are thinking it’s around noon and he probably needs to get back to work or something so we get the check and head to the buses to go head out. Mike has other plans though and asks if we have time for a tour of the Colorado Springs first. Well, if Mike has time we have time so sure why not!

With Pikes Peak in the background, Mike points up to a little road and says we’re going up there. Wow, really? We haven’t gone up or down a mountain like that in the bus yet so while I wasn’t THAT nervous, it did make me gulp. So we left the bar and followed Mike’s bus until we reached the entrance of the Guanella Pass. We started driving up and immediately the scenery went nuts. Crazy beautiful trees, a city below that kept getting smaller and smaller, even a couple short tunnels carved into the mountain, all on dirt roads of course. This was easily the coolest drive in the bus so far without a doubt! Mark was snapping photos as we cruised around in two beautiful old buses. After that amazing drive we went to Garden of the Gods State Park across town. By now it was 3 or so and we figured we should let him get back to work. Nope, he wants to get another beer in a trippy little town called Manitou Springs so of course we did. Hard to describe the place we went other than eclectic, a perfect place to roll into with the buses. At the end of all that he wanted to invite us over to the house but the wife had some car problems so hit the road…to the closest hotel! What a great day and once again amazing hospitality! Thanks again Mike!

Crusing around with Mike and his sweet 59.

A shot of Ole Blue from Mikes bus

Some cool rock tunnels at Guanella Pass

Colorado Springs was an awesome stop!


Just another day and another dirt road!

On the way into Colorado Springs we did all we could to avoid the maniacs on Interstate 25. Didnt work out so well!


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