Where We Are LIVE!

This is where we and Ole’ Blue are right about now!

5 Responses to Where We Are LIVE!

  1. avatar Phillippa says:

    Hi Mark,
    Looks like such a blast and an accomplishment!!
    Enjoy the ride, as I know you can!!!
    Safe travels…. Phillippa

  2. avatar Daz dubs says:

    Sounds like a awesome trip lookin forward to the next chapter

  3. avatar MikeK says:

    Well done, Las Vegas to Los Angeles in two days. Mike from Caesar’s!

  4. avatar T-Bone says:

    Cruising thru the panhandle in route to the big sleazy and then on to the left coast. Be sure to check out Willie May’s fried chicken while in Nola. It’s a must. And tell Cinnamon at Scores on Burban Street that Big White Chocolate said whatssup! Cheers!!! Mark Squared!

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