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  1. Couple these with the wide array of galleries around town, and a trip to NYC becomes a visually stunning experience.

  2. Met these gentlemen in Hermosa Beach and was blown away by Ole Blue. Glad to of met you guys and read your story.BTW, congrats on the Awards at the VW Show , many more to come as well as stories and adventures!

    Peace in the Middle East,

    MC Funky J aka Loco Gringo

  3. avatar Neil and Diane McKearan says:

    Met Mark and Mark in Natchez while we were visiting from New Orleans. Saw the bus in downtown Natchez and Neil freaked out, because the night before we saw that same bus on American Pickers! Well, the bus on Pickers was in a graveyard so M&M’s bus looked like it just came off the showroom floor – absolutely beautiful! Then, we saw them again as we were walking along the MS River, they were taking pictures with the river in the background and got to talk with them. Found out about their roadtrip and this site. Loving keeping up with their adventures! Safe travels Mark & Mark! Neil and Diane McKearan

  4. avatar ToddMC62 says:

    I just met Mark and Mark at the Bulli Klinik in Colorado Springs, Colorado. These guys are AWESOME and Ole Blue is cool as hell. What a great adventure. Travel safe boys and “peace out”.

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